Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after the interview?

Each individual Committee member scores your interview from 0 to 100.  Then all of the scores are averaged together to become your interview score. You will be placed on the eligibility list according to how you scored on your interview and you will remain on this list for 2 years from the date of your interview. You can be contacted anytime during those two years.  When selecting an apprentice, the Committee selects an applicant from the top of this list.

What is the process moving forward?

You will receive a letter from the Apprenticeship office shortly after your interview.  The letter will tell you what you scored.  The letter does not tell you where you are on the list.  The list is always changing as new applicants are interviewed applicants on this list will complete their two years.  You should always keep the Apprenticeship office informed of any address or telephone change so that in the event you are selected, we will be able to contact you.

Time frame?

You will receive your scoring letter within a few weeks, however, to be contacted if you are selected could be anytime during the two years following your interview.  A class is selected according to the needs of the Contractors.

How many apprentices is the Committee taking?

The amount of the apprentices that will be selected is based on the needs of the Contractors.

Is there a secondary interview?

No.   However, if you would like to re-interview to improve your score, you can do so after 90 days if you have worked 450 hours of documented work experience in the electrical construction industry or completed two post-secondary, industry related classes.

Do I have the opportunity to test up based on experience?

Yes, we do have hands on performance testing and written testing available to apprentices that have experience and previous schooling.

Where will the work areas be?

Within the jurisdiction of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 665.

How does the referral/work assignment system work and how am I assigned a job?

Once you have been indentured into the apprenticeship program, you will be placed in employment with one of our union electrical contractors. All work assignments will come from the apprenticeship office while you are in the apprenticeship program.  Once you have graduated your work referrals will come from the local union.

What about wages and benefits?

First year electrician apprentice wages start at $15.67 per hour and they receive yearly raises when the progress to the next year of apprenticeship.  Apprentices also receive paid health care insurance and several retirement plans that are paid for by their contractor.